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BLJP Lesson One: Purchased Words

I just want to take a moment here to talk to you about what it is, really, that makes bad LJ poetry. Lesson one: Purchased Words.

We've all heard the phrase "twenty-five cent word", yes? Well, purchased words are any word that is purposefully placed to sound knowledgeable, poetically skilled, or pretentious. These words are judiciously sprinkled on LJ, not only because amature poetry is notoriously pretentious, but also because bloggers frequently have overexaggerated self-worth. (Exercise: Can you pick out the Purchased Words I used in the last sentence?)

Here's an example.

the shaft
music: something that rhymes

Blasted down a shaft of nasty thoughts. All the way down, sans secret plans to destroy my being. Seeing all there is to see, believe in me, I wish to be the maker of your destiny. I live in a world where nothing seems to fit. To your merit, though, your plans may be the secret to the ever-shifting void that destroyed the concept of fitting. I feel like quitting, so you can get on with your ruse.

Do you see the Purchased Words? Here's a short list: "sans", "destroy",

Purchased Words can be recognized in some of these ways:
-- Incorrect use (example: "sans")
PWs are often used incorrectly, since the user doesn't actually know how to use them.
-- Frequency (example: "secret")
When a user discovers a PW new to them, they try to slip it in as much as possible.
-- Poeticness (example: "destiny")
Words that have been successful in other poems can be used repeatedly.
-- Pretentiousness (example: "ruse")
Because sounding smarter than other people is a great way to better yourself.

Purchased Words are an important ingredient to the Bad LJ Poetry recipe. Try mixing a few in the next time your miasmic emotions drive you to type.


On a personal note, I fucking hate the word "ruse". "Ruse" just screams "Quick! Punch me in the face!" Don't ever use this word in conversation with me, ever. In fact, don't even think it near me, because my RuseDar will go off and you'll get a punch in the face.

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