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Yay new update

"So just void me,
Speak of what we'll never be.
Sorries are yours,
So this time you can come closer,
Hurt my garden,
Shrine of you.
Violence will bleed us,
Emerging into this fatallity.
I've crawl my way back from your reallity."


Liz is my new hero. All her posts are like little beatiful po3ms.

you have literally no significance in my life anymore and i DONT WANT to be your friend.
i have friends.
i have people that care about me,
people that are good to me,
people i grow with,
people i value,
people that value me,
i have people i cant live without
and people i wish i didn't know
in my life.

Is this one a poem? I can't tell.

i can make you laugh,
like you never have.
i can see that in your eyes.
you dont move shit out of your car for me,
or wash your hair.
but you make eye contact with me and walk over,
where ever we are.
you are everything i'm not,
and so much i hope i could be.
i find myself idolizing you,
but i didnt invite you in when you turned of your car.
ha! you love my name?
god, thats so lame.
im just glad your not another sam.

i dont think i want to get to know you,
then youll just break my fantasy,
and i'm always happier living that way.

Michelle is ny OTHER new hero. She also posts like this.

And we'll fill our pockets up and sink down with everything we've
felt and seen, we'll explore the mysteries of life and why it hurts to love
And in a way, the comfort that we're striving for, in the end will be
I still think it's worth the risk
even though that love and loss and
Tears and joy
are just a different type of war,
it's true eveyone must
but I think it's who you hold
inside your heart that keeps you warm,
While they've gone away

That's her bio, actually.

But they tried to question my insight
And I start to blister without
Flowing through my tongue starts to grow
Would you fucking try to calm down?
What else would you put me through
While I watched what happened to you?
Now you say I need to put it all away
Your regret keeps me going cause you beat me to it
You tell me how I should feel
Try and stop always changing what you want to see
Can you keep your higher ground when you look straight?
'Cause where we fall is where we rise ...

A real wrist-slitter, that was. But here's the best one:

the world is an ashtray,
we burn an coil like ciggerettes,
the more you cry
your ashes turn to mud.......

There is a dream inside a dream
I'm wide awake the more i sleep
And what i say is true
I went to God jsut to see.
But i was looking at me, yea.

so help me annylize.
When im god,
everyone dies

I think I'm weeping blood.

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